No Artificial Ingredient

At YAMANYA, we love to use freshest ingredients with no artificial flavors added in our products. Nowadays, many products are used to improve texture and flavor, different food additives are used. YAMANYA NATURAL is designed to reach the flavor that occur from nature. YAMANYA NATURAL products are designed for healthy fast food which is suitable for the busy individuals.

Sustainablity Awareness

The rise of plastic population is vicious these days. Plastic clogs up waterways, floats in the ocean which end up killing marine life and wildlife. At YAMANYA, we use compostable containers or recyclable containers to help reduce the risk of plastics in our environment and better to degrade for our ecosystem. We are composting food waste so it can go towards back to the soil instead of landfill.

Immigrant Employees

YAMANYA NATURAL strive to produce high nutrition with great value. Our founder, Tony Kyaw is an immigrant from Myanmar and we would love to be acting as a helping hand to our fellow immigrants. We have helped newly arrived refugees with job readiness by Servsafe Food Safety Training and job placement support enabling them to secure their first jobs in our diverse workplace.



The name "YAMANYA" means Mon State from Myanmar in Burmese. YAMANYA NATURAL first opened in 2017 with the mission statement of putting out healthy fast food products with no artificial ingredients and eco-friendly as possible. Showing our roots of our diverse background, we have added YAMANYA and Natural to showcase our natural ingredients.


Our Founder, Tony Kyaw is a political refugee from Myanmar and arrived to United States at the age of 16. We understand the hardships that many immigrants face due to language barriers and lack of certain skill sets to obtain jobs. YAMANYA NATURAL is dedicated in helping immigrants especially to refugees in training food safety lessons (Servsafe Food Manager Course) and Sushi classes to gain more job opportunities. By partnering with YAMANYA NATURAL, your organization has been helping our local community and for that, we thank you.



Contact Us:

Email: yamanya.natural@gmail.com
PH: (610)-803-9769